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To get started, what type of problem are you having? Does your machine move, or is it stuck? Is there a problem with the PC? Does a software feature not work the way the tutorials say it should? Select the category from the menu below.


Machine Doesn't Move

Yellow estop thumb.jpg Yellow Box error Controller Not Enabled

Position error thumb.jpg Red Box error Position Error

Error communicating thumb.jpg "Error Communicating with Servo Controller or Axis[]..." "Run time error 53" and other Driver Problems.

Black bordered box "Command errors"

Machine Moves Wrong

Jogging the wrong way

Machine is Homing the wrong way

Runaway axis

Very slow motion while running a file (not jogging)

Very slow jogging that does not stop moving and ends with an "end of travel" error

The machine moves incorrect distance(s) and/or cuts parts too big/small in one or more axes

Machine is out of square - When the machine cuts parallelograms when rectangles were desired.

Spindle does not turn on

Machine hits the end of travel while running

Machine cuts too deep or not deep enough

Cuts are drifting over time

Machine Stutters while running a file but not while jogging

Machine Stutters while jogging AND running a file

Machine does nothing when instructed to home, possibly giving a home cancelled error message

Machine pauses constantly while running a file

Start Stop box Start & Pause button do not work

Error Messages

OCF Error (on the controller) Solution: Cut power to the inverter and restart it.

Pulses were gained or lost

The Index pulse is within the Home switch repeatability

Axis drifted

Computer speed issue

Unlock code

Circle error in the previewer

Start button is being pressed on startup

Software Feature Problem

Machine will not work after PC upgrade

Touch-off problem including slow retract on touchoff and "Touchpad is shorted to ground. Cancelling touchoff" error message.

Jog Buttons Missing

Progress Bar or Current Position is not updated

General Tech support procedure

Identify your Control Box

Running in the air / Testing files

Upgrading software into a new folder

Using the previewer to find problems

Toolchanger Problem

Toolchanger hovers above stand when picking up a tool or letting go of a tool

Tool plunges too deep or not deep enough after changing

Computer Problem

System Freezes while preprocessing a file

Blank monitor

Computer freezes or hangs

Techno Interface Setup Windows 8-10 64x ERROR

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