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Simply put, servo parameters define the accuracy, smoothness and power of the machine.

If the machine is stuttering while jogging and while running a file, the wrong servo parameters may be set. Another symptom would be buzzing while the machine is siting still. Note that premium class machines will buzz while sitting still even with the proper servo parameters.

To ensure the proper servo parameters are set for your machine:

  • Click Setup
  • Click advanced
  • Click Servo Params

You will be greeted with an array listing servo parameters





for all of your motors.

There are also defaults for machine types which is based on which machine you have.

Proper standard parameters are as follows:

LC / LP controller:

KP: 90

KD: 600

KI: 15

IL: 15

LC Plus controller:

KP: 300 (for M3, KP should be 200)

KD: 1000

KI: 15

IL: 15

This list is not exhaustive, and in some circumstances, these values should be modified. If there is any question, contact techno cnc support and have the current values on hand to discuss.

For further reading on the type of servo parameters that the CNC interface uses, you may want to start by reading the wikipedia page on PID loops.

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