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Slow motion when running a g-code file


When running a file, the machine moves very slow. It jogs normally.


  • The NC file may contain no feedrates (missing any Fxxx in G-code) and so it reverts to the Default speed of 100 units per minute.
  • If feedrates are specified correctly, the software may be set up to override your feedrates. You can check this setting in setup-> speeds. If the software is set to "override speeds", those values are what will be used. Either change the overridden speeds to what is desired or switch to "Programmed Speeds". Remember to preprocess the file after changing speeds.


In the Techno CNC Interface (Setup > Speed), the Feedrate might be set to "Override", and so it moves at the speed indicated in the Interface and not at the speed programmed in the NC file. Simply set the Feedrate to Auto and it will use the speeds specified in the file.

Be sure that you have F g-code commands in your file, and that the speeds are appropriate.

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