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When moving to touch-off, the tool moves in the wrong direction (away from the touchpad), and it moves very slowly.


There is a connection issue. The software thinks the touchpad is already contacting the tool, but the sensor or cable connection is damaged or shorted.


The main cause of this problem is damaged wiring the connector at the touchpad. Only one wire (the red one) should be exposed to the connector for the touchpad.

If you disconnect the touchpad connector on the control board side, you will see two pins in the connector. Test them with a multimeter set to continuity. They should NOT have continuity. If they do, there is either an exposed segment of the black wire in the connector at the touchpad or a break somewhere along the wire that is shorting the black wire to the red.

Note that version 1.421 (and up) of the control software will warn you if this behavior is detected. The error message will read: "Touchpad is shorted to ground. Cancelling touchoff" This error either means the touchpad is indeed shorted, or the computer is looking for the touchpad in the wrong place (Riser card, 4th axis, LC+, options in Setup->advanced->Touchpad and remote - try testing with other options selected. A successful touchpad test is a good indicator of a working touchpad setup.)

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