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The Techno CNC interface software may need to be upgraded for many reasons.

  • When troubleshooting a problem, it is often requested that the user upgrade in order to take advantage of a new troubleshooting function not present previously.
  • There may be a new feature the user would like to employ.

Regardless of the reason, it is always recommended that when the user upgrades the CNC interface software that the user does so in such a way as to completely preserve the old version so it can be returned to if necessary.

With the Techno CNC interface, this is very easy to do properly.

  • Once you have downloaded the newest version of the software, install the software into a new folder (perhaps use the version number, or a new number, or the date, anything unique.)
  • After the install is complete, navigate to the OLD folder using windows explorer.
  • Find a file called "default.cfg", or if file extensions are turned off, all files named default.
  • Copy these files into the new cnc interface folder. This file has all of the necessary settings in it in order to get the new interface version to operate properly.

Tip: While you are copying these files to the new folder, copy them to another computer for backup purposes. Be sure to date the file.

The new version of the software should now jog, home, and run files just like the old version.

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