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You receive a message that an axis is at the "End of Travel" even though it is not. The axis moves very slowly when jogging, regardless of the speed it is set to move.


A Limit switch is damaged, disconnected or not present.


The limit switch must be checked.

Find the limit switch connector for the motor of the axis that is causing the error.

Home switch connector.jpg

Check that the connector is good and completely engaged.

If the problem persists, we must narrow down the location of the problem:

Note: Home switches are normally closed, so closing the circuit makes the machine think the system is not on the switch.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Diagnostics
  • Locate the home indicator readout for the axis that is causing trouble under HOME in the lower left.
  • Short the 2 pins on the connector that is attached to the motor (not the one that goes to the axis)
  • If it does not light up, check the controller cable and check the rectangular motor cable. The problem is not with the axis wiring or limit switch
  • If the home box in diagnostics lights up, the wiring from the motor to the control board is good.
  • Obtain a multimeter
  • Set the multimeter to continuity or ohms.
  • Test the continuity between the two pins of the cable that goes into the axis (not the motor).
  • If there is continuity, there is likely no engagement between the connectors. Inspect the connectors for loose or broken wires.
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