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This gives you the ability to control how often the software updates the position and progress bars when running a file.

There is also a checkbox there labeled "warn" that will tell you if your machine isn't fast enough to run a file at the current setting. So for example, if you set the software to update often, after a file is run a popup message may say "There were 3944 computer speed issues when running this file". Note that small numbers (10) are no problem. Large numbers (5394) will result in obvious jerking, and you should turn down the updates to allow the PC to control the machine.

Interface Update Frequency

Servo Control Software version 1.422

Click on Setup > Advanced > Software Switches. The drop-down box labeled "Interface Update Frequency" allows you to select Never, Sometimes, and Always.

  • 'Never' plays it safe and only updates during non-cutting operations.
  • 'Sometimes' is the default behavior, and is consistent with how it worked in the past (updates only when the machine comes to a stop).
  • 'Always', attempts to update the display every time it commands the machine to move (over 500 times a second).

Fast, dual-core machines can handle the setting at 'Always', without a problem. See our computer requirements for details.

Older versions

Servo Control Software version 1.421

This feature use to be called "Computer Speed Assist".

Open the Techno CNC Interface. Click on Setup > Advanced > Software Switches and find the "Computer Speed Assist" checkbox. Set the value that works best for your machine:

  • Less than -11 updates progress bar and position numbers.
  • Between -10 and 0, updates the progress bar and the position numbers only when there is a full stop in the move.
  • Between 1 and 5, updates the progress bar only.
  • Greater than 6, it does not update anymore.

Click "OK" to save changes.

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