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The computer that is being used to control a Techno router must meet some basic requirements. Our software is designed to run on very inexpensive computers, so an old computer may work just fine.



For Windows 7 and Vista systems, "UAC" must be turned off before installing. For instructions, see the How to turn off UAC page.

Additionally, the computer needs a PCI slot (not PCI Express) with room for the card to fit. Our high powered card is "long" and the low powered card is "short". The long card may not fit in tiny computers, so some care is required when choosing a computer. Contact Techno if you have doubts.

New Computer

If you are buying a new computer today, almost all "desktop" style computers with room for a PCI slot will work just fine. If you are using a 64-bit computer, you must use control software version 1.422 or above, and the latest driver installer. Previous versions of the interface did not support 64-bit machines.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Most new computers come with Windows 7 these days. Before you install the software, turn off UAC!

Old Computer

If you have an older computer, changes are that you're still running Windows 98. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 98 many years ago, and although the TechnoCNC Control Interface can still operate, it may be a challenge getting the necessary patches and updates from Microsoft. At this time, we don't recommend a computer with Windows 98. Some older software (version 1.420) may run on Windows 98 Second Edition, but we don't recommend it.

Additionally, the computer must have at least a Pentium 4 processor and one PCI slot (not PCI Express)

Some older machines will be running DOS software. These machines are also using an ISA version of the Techno CNC controller. Upgrading these machines to Windows Operating systems will require a new PCI card which will work with the old Controller box


When purchasing a new computer, make sure that you get a "dual core" or "quad core" processor. They may be labeled "Intel Dual-Core" with a sticker on the front. Most computers sold these days are at least dual-core, so the chances of finding one are very good. These processors will allow you to operate the computer on a network and still give the PC time to update position and job information as the router runs a file.

All computers Techno sells are dual-core and meet the recommended requirements.

An Internet connection is required for remote support, and is highly recommended.

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