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UAC turned off
In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, UAC is a feature that tries to manage software permissions and user access, to prevent malware from infecting a PC. In practice, UAC can be very annoying. To make matters worse, UAC prevents the Techno CNC control interface from writing critical information to the installation directory. When installing our software on a machine that supports UAC, we require that UAC be turned off.

  1. Click the Windows button (Start) and in the search box, type "UAC" and press Enter. That will bring up the User Account and Control Settings window. You can also find the UAC settings without searching. Go to Click the Windows button (Start) > Control Panel > System and Security and click the "Change User Account Control Settings" option.
  2. Drag the slider all the way to the bottom, which turns UAC off. It will say "never notify me...".
  3. Click Ok and confirm that you really want to make the change.
  4. Reboot your computer.

The computer is now ready for installation of your TechnoCNC software. If you've already installed the software before turning off UAC, rebooting the computer will trash any settings you've saved in the Control Interface. You'll have to set these settings again, but it will work properly this time.

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