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Post Processors for Software Packages Techno CNC Routers

See How to Install a Post Processor. Please click on the link applicable to your machine to download the zip file.

ArtCam ArtCam  
HDS mm "Open" Osai controller HDS inch "Open" Osai controller  
Enroute Enroute Enroute 4th Quadrant
HD Or LC HDS new "Open" Osai controller HDS Q4 "Open" Osai controller
HD WinCNC Oscillating Knife HDS “10 Series” Osai Controller  
MasterCam Mill version X8   Mozaic Software
HD or LC HDS Open Series OSAI Controller
MasterCam Router version X8    
HD or LC
Vectric for VCarve or Aspire    



Vectric for VCarve Pro or Aspire Vectric for VCarve Pro or Aspire  
HD or LC HDS mm or HDS inch  
VisualMill/RhinoCAM VisualMill/RhinoCAM  
HD or LC HDS  
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