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Installing a Post Processor

After installing a CADCAM program on your computer, you must tell the program that you are using a Techno CNC router so that it outputs the correct code. The way this works is through the usage of a post-processor.

To install our post processor, you must download the latest version from our website;
Install Post Processor Screen 1
From this site, navigate to the post processor page and select from the list your CAD CAM program and machine type.

Install Post Processor Screen 2
Note the save location of the file(s) you have downloaded because we will be moving these files to their correct locations based on what program you are using.

Please copy the post-processor files to the following locations;


Install Post Processor Screen 3

Install Post Processor Screen 4
To use these post-processors, you must notify your CAD CAM program to select them by default:


Press F6 or Go to setup>Machine Setup

Install Post Processor Screen 5
On the new pop-up screen, select “Active Drivers”
Install Post Processor Screen 6
On this screen, please select the Techno CNC Post appropriate for your machine,

“Techno_Osai – Rarcs” for the HDS Machine

“Techno HD – IJArcs” for the HD Machine

And then select ok.


When you are done creating a toolpath and it is time to output the G-code file, after hitting “save toolpath”, you will select the appropriate Techno drivers from the pull-down list.Install Post Processor Screen 7
Download PDF of Installing a Post Processor
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