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Becker Vacuum Pump

Becker Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump connects to machines with a vacuum table, and draws air out of the table chamber.

It has been brought to our attention the internal filter of the Becker pump requires more attention and maintenance then we first thought. Customers need to do this on a weekly basis and should adjust their machine servicing programs accordingly. We recommend that when you remove the internal filter, that you tap it on a hard surface such as the floor to remove the dust as shown below.
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Becker Pump Internal Filter Inspection PDF:

Step 1:

Remove the internal filter.

Step 2.

The dust falls out after you tap it on a hard surface.

To minimize maintenance and protect your pump better, we recommend a secondary external filter that can be added (H91X30-IF200-001). This will add an additional layer of protection and reduce maintenance to only once a month for general routing.

Vacuum wiring will explain how to hook up the vacuum controls to your control box.

Vacuum and Blower Testing

How-to Change Becker Pump Voltage

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