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This describes how to wire your vacuum connector to the front of your electronics box.


Connections to Mainboard LC / LP Controllers

On the controller mainboard, the contacts in the corner are divided into groups:

  • Fan
  • Inverter
  • Transformer
  • Power In
  • Power switch.

Within each area there is a "Black" and "White". Use either the "Inverter" Black and White OR the "Power In" Black and White. Do not use Power Switch, Fan, or Transformer connections.


Vacuum ground GREEN.jpg

Green wire is ground, usually connects to a header fastened to the box itself

Connections to Mainboard LC Plus Controllers

On LC Plus Electronics, plug the BLACK wire into terminal J30 and the WHITE wire into J44 (see pictures for location on board)



Inverter Setup

Single Phase Operation for Altivar 31 Inverter

drC Menu

  • bFR = 60 for 60 Hz (North American operation) or 50 for 50Hz (European operation)
  • nCr = Motor current from motor nameplate
  • nSP = Motor speed as indicated on motor nameplate
  • COS = Power factor as indicated on motor nameplate
  • tFr = 60 Hz

SEt Menu

  • ACC = 3
  • dEC = 3
  • LSP = 59
  • HSP = 60
  • ItH = Current from motor nameplate

FLt Menu

  • IPL = No

Auto tune by setting tun to yes in drC menu after all other programming is complete.

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