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Control Software Manual for Servo Systems
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Tool change operations are done from the Tool button on the main interface.

Toolchange operations windo.gif

Toolchanges require significant setup. The operations required to set up your tool stands and tool lengths can be found in the Set Tool Stand Locations Tutorial and Set Tool Length Offsets Tutorial

Identify Tool Window

Identify tool in chuck wind.gif

Chuck Control Window

Toolchanger chuck control.gif

Tutorial on the CNC Router Automatic Tool Changer Interface Setup
Tool Locations
Tutorial on the Techno LC CNC Router Automatic Tool Changer Tool Locations
Tool Lengths
Tutorial on the Techno CNC Router Automatic Tool Changer Tool Lengths


Techno software will not allow me to open the chuck. The option to open is "grayed" out.

Problem: Solution:
Chuck control is shaded out on my LC machine and will not let me load or unload a tool holder. Check SCSI cable to make sure you have good connection.
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