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If a brake motor is getting very hot or suffering from position errors, it may be wise to test the brake.

There are a few ways to test the brake.

In a quiet environment, it is possible to listen for the brake.

  • Go to Setup, Diagnostics
  • In the upper right, click the brake box and read the warning.
  • Listen for a click coming from the motor.
  • After exiting setup, restart the software to ensure the brake is back to proper state.

For a noisy environment:

  • Position the system to move the braked axis downwards.
  • Perform the procedure to access the Lag test.
  • Prepare the system to move the braked axis downwards slowly. (negative number in the text box for that axis, set G IPM to a low number)
  • Run the lag test for that axis
  • While the system is running the test, click the button "Pulse brake".
  • Watch the graph.
  • If the graph shows no sign of change, the brake is likely not engaging.
  • If the graph spikes or a position error is received, the brake is likely working properly.
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