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The Start/Stop box (SSB for short) is a wired box with three buttons on it; Start (to run a file), E-stop (to kill the power to the amplifiers) and Pause (to stop or pause file execution).



To add a Start/Stop box to your machine, you'll need to plug it into the main board and set it up in software.

  1. From the main screen, click Setup > Advanced > Touchpad & Remote.
  2. After the Start/Stop box is plugged in, click Test Remote.

Done! The remote Start and Pause buttons should be operational. Load a file into the interface and press the green Start button to execute the file. The Pause button will pause file execution.


For reference, the SSB modes are as follows. You can change the mode by going to Setup > Advanced > Touchpad & Remote, and entering the numerical mode in the box labeled "Remote Start-Stop Box Mode".

Mode 1

This mode signifies the first revision of the box, which had high noise levels and was able to trigger with low voltage.

 * Uses accessory interface
 * Normally closed stop/pause button

Mode 2

 * Not on accessory interface
 * Normally open stop/pause button

Mode 3

 * Uses accessory interface
 * Normally open stop/pause button

Mode 4

 * Not on accessory interface
 * Normally closed stop/pause button

Mode 5

 * Normally closed stop/pause button

Common Problems

The most common problem associated with the Start/Stop box is when the E-stop button has been pressed, but the operator doesn't realize it. This generates an error displayed by the control software that says "The controller is not enabled. Enable now?" Pressing Yes will not enable the controller, since the power is off.

Older versions of the Start/Stop box sometimes get button errors due to dust collecting in the enclosure. The new (white box) versions are better sealed and have been quite reliable.

Also known as a control pendant, startstopbox, E-stop box, SSB, or start/pause box.

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