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Control Software Manual for Servo Systems
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The POSITION DISPLAY reflects the present location of each axis in relation to the existing software home, either while jogging or during a program run. The position number tells you how many units away from the software home (in either direction) the axes are.

As you jog to the position where you want to set your new software home, the position counters (X, Y, Z and A if applicable) will change to reflect the new locations of the axes. To establish a location as your new software home position, the position counters in the Run Window must be reset to a Zero All position before running your program.

A shortcut window to manipulate the axes position will pop up when you double-click in the Position Display area. The purpose of this window is to be able to tweak the position counters while the program is in Pause mode. After you make the changes you want, click the Apply button and the changes will be made when after the window closes.

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