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  Frozen axis
A frozen axis is one that will not move by way of the controller, and cannot be manually moved by the user when the machine is powered down.

  • Axis will not move via interface and cannot be moved manually.
  • Receives "M-x Position error, no power to controller. Re-enable controller?", error
  • Can jog other axes
  • Customer is probably cutting wood or another material where a lot of debris is generated.

Problem: The ball nut is possibly jammed-up with debris. This is especially likely if the machine is used to cut wood or other material that easily becomes airborne after being cut.

  • Obtain a can of WD-40 that still has the red straw.
  • Hit "E-Stop" and POWER DOWN machine Lock out power
  • Thread the red straw from WD-40 can into groove of ball screw and into the ball nut and blow it out with copious amounts of WD-40. This will be messy, avoid being underneath the nut during this process. Take all necessary precautions to prevent eye and lung exposure to oils.
  • After putting a lot of WD-40 into the ball nut, attempt to spin it by hand, being careful around the belt and pulley. This will force the debris out of the nut.
  • Once the machine is moving again remove all the WD-40 with a rag and lubricate the machine. DO NOT leave the WD-40 residue on the ball screw. Also note that over lubricating the machine in a dusty environment frequently leads to this problem, as the dust gets stuck to the excessive debris.
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