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A touch-probe is used to reverse-engineer a 3D object. We have two systems: the first is the manual contact digitizing arm, which is used by hand to collect points. The second is the 3D Touch Probe, which is mounted to the spindle and performs the probe operation with the included computer software.

Manual Contact Digitizing Arm System

Alternate digitizer: This is a manual contact digitizing arm system.

  • Allows for the construction of 2D and 3D models by tracing the surface features of actual parts it can be used for tracing the 2D boundary of a part.
  • Package includes 3D digitizer and digitizing interface software for PC to collect data through AutoCAD, Mastercam and most CAD/CAM software packages.

3D Touch probe with data collection software

Part Number: H22X10-3DPROBE

  • Touch probe mounts into spindle for data collection
  • User specifies XY range and X resolution, Y resolution.
  • Data output is in a number of standard formats.

TechProbe Interface Manual

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