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Checking the air pressure for a toolchanging spindle

Locate the air regulator:


The reading on the dial should be between 90 and 105 PSI. If the pressure is below 80 PSI, toolchangers will work intermittently at best.

If the bowl below is full or water or rust (rust is a sign that water has been in the bowl), this can cause tremendous problems.

A very small amount of water is not a huge problem. To flush the water, unscrew the nut at the bottom.

Should the water level reach the middle of the bowl, the regulator will be unable to prevent water from entering the system, which WILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE TOOLCHANGER.

If water has entered your toolchanger, stop immediately and Contact Support.

For areas with even moderate humidity, you must install an air dryer to remove excess moisture from the compressors.

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