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If you wish, you can download and print our machine safety instructions and proper colletting document.

Warning: Improper or unsafe operation of the machine may result in personal injury and/or damage to the equipment.

Read these instructions thoroughly before operating machine.

  1. Keep fingers, hands, and all other objects away from machine while power is on.
  2. Disconnect power to all system components when not in use, when changing accessories, and before servicing.
  3. Do not loosen, remove, or adjust machine parts or cables while power is on.
  4. Exercise care with machine controls and around keyboard to avoid unintentional starting.
  5. Make sure voltage supplied is appropriate to specifications of components.
  6. Machines must be plugged into three-pronged grounded outlets. Do not remove the grounding plug or connect into an ungrounded extension cord.
  7. Keep cables and cords away from heat, oil, and sharp edges. Do not overstretch or run them under other objects or over work surfaces.
  8. Use proper fixtures and clamps to secure work. Never use hands to secure work.
  9. Do not attempt to exceed limits of machine.
  10. Do not attempt to use machine for purposes other than what is intended.
  11. Use machine only in clean, well-lit areas free from flammable liquids and excessive moisture.
  12. Stay alert at all times when operating the machine.
  13. Always wear safety goggles and dust mask.
  14. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing when operating machine. Long hair should be protected.
  15. Always maintain proper balance and footing.
  16. Maintain equipment with care. Keep cutting tools clean and sharp. Lubricate and change accessories when necessary. Cables and cords should be inspected regularly. Keep controls clean and dry.
  17. Check for damaged parts. An authorized service center should perform all repairs. Only identical or authorized replacement parts should be used.
  18. Remove any adjusting keys and wrenches before turning machine on.
Warning: Do not operate machine if you are unfamiliar with these safe operating instructions. Do not operate machine without knowing where the emergency stop switch is located.
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