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The RG power box contains amplifiers and other electronics for powering the router.

Aux I/O Connector Pinout (DB9)

Pin Function
1 Spindle output
2 +24V
4 External Vin
5 Stop
6 E-stop
7 E-stop
8 External I/O ground
9 Start


Spindle output, pin 1, is a sinking output that can handle 50ma at 24VDC. To control a spindle, a 24VDC relay, with a current draw of less than 50ma, is connected between pin 1, spindle output and pin 2, 24V.

E-stop pins 6 and 7 are for a normally closed e-stop switch connected between pins 6 and 7.

Stop input, pin 5, is for a normally closed switch connected between pin 5 and ground.

Start input, pin 9, is for a normally open switch connected between pin 9 and ground.

Warning: If an external I/O voltage is required, and is supplied on pin 4, the jumpers on the servo controller card must be configured correctly otherwise damage to the servo controller card may occur. Consult the appropriate servo controller card documentation for more information about this.
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