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This simple tutorial employs and explains the main functions of the Techno CNC Control Interface by running the sample program, If you have any difficulty with the tutorial or are just learning to use your machine, we recommend reading the manual completely before proceeding.

Note: This tutorial was written assuming you have already setup the touch pad and have a tool loaded.


Start the Interface

From your computer’s Start menu, choose Programs > Techno Servo Interface.

The Techno CNC Interface Main Menu appears:

This tutorial is written assuming your X/Y Machine Orientation is set to the Interface default setting of -1 If this has somehow been altered, go into SETUP/SYSTEM and make sure the X/Y Orientation is set to -1.

Home the Machine

  • Press Home. The home menu appears.
  • Press All. The machine will slowly move toward the home position for each axis.

Zero the Z-axis

  • Prop the touch pad on top of something high enough so that your Z-axis zero position is well above the table surface (see picture below). Do this to ensure that the tool does not travel into the table surface. The prop height is supposed to represent the height of the material to be cut. After you zero the Z-axis, remember to remove the prop.
  • Jog your tool over the Touch Pad.

Prior to Zeroing the Z-axis, we will test the touch pad and see if it is working properly. Follow the Steps and Warning below.

Warning: If at any time you need to stop the Tool Length process, hit the ESC button on your keyboard.

The Test

Here we will start the Touch Off Process. The Z-Axis will automatically travel down to the Touch Pad. If the Touch Pad is working properly, once the tool comes into contact with the pad, the Z-axis will retract immediately. Our test involves the user manually bringing the Touch Pad up to the tool during the Touch Off Process as the Z-axis is descending (see picture below). When you lift the touch pad up to the tool, if the Z-axis retracts, then the pad is operational. If the Z-axis DOES NOT retract, then IMMEDIATELY press the ESC keyboard button to stop the Touch Off Process. Then, check your touch pad setup before returning to this tutorial.

  • Press Touch Off Z Zero Position. The Z-axis will automatically descend.
  • Manually lift the touch pad to the tool and then gently touch the pad to the tool.

If the Z-axis retracts upon contact, continue to the next step. If it does not retract, check your touch pad setup before returning to this tutorial.

Zero the Z-axis

  • Jog your tool over the Touch Pad
  • Press Tool
  • Press Touch Off Z Zero Position. The Z-axis will automatically lower the Z-axis to the Touch Pad and retract when it makes contact.

You can now remove the Touch Pad and the prop from the table surface.

Zero the X and Y Axes

  • Jog to your desired X/Y Zero Location.

If you are unsure of where or what a desired X/Y Zero location is, simply jog to a middle position on your gantry table. That position will do for this tutorial. For future reference, the zero position is the location you designate for your file to begin its run. Oftentimes this is at the front left corner of your work piece when you are in the default -1 machine orientation (see Appendix C for more information on machine orientation).

  • Press Zero. The Zero Menu appears.
  • Press X. This will Zero the X-axis.
  • Repeat process for Y-axis.

Open File to Run

  • Press File. The Open File Window appears.
  • Highlight and press Ok.

Preview the File

Previewing the GCODE commands is not required for running a file, but it is a useful feature to know. For more information on the GCODE commands, see G-code examples or G-code reference.

  • Press Preview. The Preview window appears.
  • Manipulate the toolpath using the buttons along the right side.
  • Press Exit to close the Preview window.
  • Press Edit to view the gcode. The Edit Window appears.
  • Press Close.

Check Speeds and Parameters

  • Press Setup. The Setup Window appears.
  • Navigate through the different options on the left by clicking on the names in the list.
  • Press Cancel to exit Setup without making any changes.

Preprocess the File

  • Press Preprocess. Watch the Progress bar move from left to right.
Warning: Before you begin to run the file, remember the different methods you have to stop the program run. One, you can use the Stop or PAUSE buttons in the Interface. Two, the ESC button on your keyboard will also pause the run. And three, you can always push the E-Stop button, located on your controller.

Run the File

  • Press Start.

Watch the machine finish running Remember to always be ready to stop the machine at any time by either hitting the ESC button on your keyboard, pressing the STOP button in the Interface or press the E-Stop button on the controller. If you want, you can run the file again, right after it finishes, by simply pressing the Start button again.

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