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The machine test runs all of the physical and electrical tests the machine can do in order to locate a problem.

  • Position the machine in the middle of travel for all axes.
  • Remove tooling from the spindle
  • Remove parts and material from the table

During the test, the machine will move to all extents of travel in X and Y, and will move Z down no lower than where the test is started from.

To run the machine test in v. 1.423.3 and newer:

  • Click Help
  • Click Machine Test
  • Read and understand the warning
  • Default settings are appropriate for most machines. Start the test when ready.

To run the machine test in v. 1.422.59 and older:

  • Enable the Index pulses
  • Perform the tasks as above
  • Return the index pulses to their original state after the test.
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