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The LC Series of machines are light-duty, low cost machines. They can be bundled with a high speed set of electronics that can power through heavier cuts.


Standard LC Series Router

Standard Sizes: 48x96, 50x50, 59x120, 78x120

Low-speed electronics provide rapid speeds of around 250 inches per minute. High speed electronics allow rapid travels between 800 and 1200 inches per minute, and are marketed under the LC+ (LC Plus) name.


LC Plus (LC+) Router v1.2

The control box looks like the regular LC, but is mounted on the inside of the left leg.


LC+ v1.1

Note the different control box in the lower right of this picture. This machine operates at speeds between 800 and 1200 IPM.


LCX Router


Maintenance and Setup

Standard LC Router Setup: LC Router Setup

LC Plus and LCX Router Setup: LC Plus and LCX Series Setup

ATC Spindle Sheet for LC-RG

LC/LCP/LCX Series Lubrication Instructions

LC Series ReIndication Instructions

LC Series Basic Reassembly Instructions

LC "X" Series Reassembly Instructions

LC Series 78120 Overseas Reassembly Instructions

LCX78168 Overseas Reassembly Instructions

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