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Servo Control Software version 1.422

The CNC control industry often claims that s-curve velocity (or even acceleration) profiles reduces the tendency for the machine to wobble as it accelerates and decelerates around the toolpath contour. We've found other factors play a more important role, but there may be instances where the jerk reduction really helps improve the cut. This feature can be controlled through the params.cfg file, located in your Techno Control Interface installation directory.

Note that the interface doesn't allow you to set this parameter. If you want to enable jerk reduction, modify your params.cfg file manually, save the file, and preprocess your g-code. The parameter is the very last line, labeled Jerk Reduction. The higher the percentage (valid between 0 and 100), the less the jerk.

You may want to test it at 0 and 100, to see if you notice a difference in your own work. Be aware that other factors (such as where you cut on the table, fixturing considerations, spindle speed, acceleration, etc) may play a larger role in the actual cut quality than Jerk Reduction. But it shouldn't hurt to experiment with it.

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