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To Install a motor:

If the motor is connected to the axis by a belt:

If the motor is connected via direct shaft coupling:

  • Loosen the shaft coupling on the motor side.
  • Slide the coupling backwards slightly towards the motor.
  • Remove the black cover plug from the shaft coupling housing.
  • Align the motor, couplings, and housing.
  • Bolt the parts back together (motor to slide through housing)
  • Working through the hole in the housing, slide the coupling back into full engagement with the other coupling, leaving 1/16" between the couplings.
  • Tighten the coupling.

NOTE: If you tighten the coupling before attaching the motor to the slide, this can contribute axial pressure into the motor, destroying the bearings and encoder.

Now that the motor has been mounted:

  • Reconnect all cables going to the motor
  • Restore power to the machine.
  • If the motor to be installed is the Z axis, carefully remove the chock that prevented it from dropping.

This section will be expanded with images and more instructions shortly.

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