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Rapid Move


G0 Xx Yy Zz Aa
X, Y, Z, A
= axis identifiers
x, y, z, a
= distance in incremental units, or absolute coordinates, to which the axes specified by the preceding upper case letter is designated to move


Moves one or more of the axes, at the rapid speed, to a specified location or a specified distance away from the current position. Location is designated by absolute coordinates when this command is preceded by the Absolute Coordinate command. Distance is specified by incremental units when this command is preceded by the Incremental Coordinate command. A rapid move consists of a move of the X and/or Y axis along the XY plane and a move of the Z axis up or down. If the Z-axis move is Directed from a lower point to a higher point, it will be executed before the XY move; if it is directed from a higher point to a lower point, it will be executed after the XY move.

Rapid speed is indicated in the .NC file by the Feed Speed command. F commands are ignored by the interface program when Override Program Speed is selected. When this selection is made, the rapid speed specified in Setup will be used instead.


G0 X2.00 Y2.00 Z2.00

The first command in this set indicates absolute motion, so the rapid move that follows (line 2) is made to the absolute coordinates (2,2,2).The axes move to a position that is two units away on each axis from the software home.

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