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Here is a list of some of the problems you may run into, and their solutions. Along with all these possible problems, check the front of the torch power supply to verify that there isn't an error; any flashing red lights or other abnormal behavior should be noted. Consult the manual for an explanation of these errors.

Proper Plasma Setup (posts, cnc interface setup, etc)

Torch starts, but the software claims it didn't

A bad electrode on a Thermo Dynamics torch can prevent the power supply from knowing that the torch is actually on. Change the consumables, making sure everything is seated correctly and tight.

The torch arc sensor detects a successful ignition when an appropriate amount of current is flowing through the electrode. If the electrode is damaged in some way, this current doesn't reach expected levels, so the signal to the PC is never active. Changing the electrode will fix this problem.

Touch-off behaves strangely

There are several reasons why a touch-off might act strange.

If the torch crashes during touch-off, check the cable going to the PC from the tip of the torch. Make sure the clip is pushing against the tip of the torch. Bend the clip into position, and re-seat the cable quick-connect if necessary.

If torch touches the material, pauses, and slowly retracts before finally going back up, check that your consumables are tight. A loose end cap can cause the touch-off to be imprecise, and will give a poor connection to ground.

If the torch pauses for a few seconds while performing a touch-off in a file, check that you do not have an ART plugged in. If you do, unplug the art and reboot the software. This is a known bug. Consult your dealer for information about the latest version of the software.

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