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Techno CNC BT1212
The BT1212 Benchtop CNC Router is powered by high precision stepper motors and controlled by a hand-held NCstudio controller. It operates independently of a PC and files are transferred from a Cam system via a USB memory stick. This document will provide a quick guide to the operating procedure of the Techno BT1212 CNC Router with a NCstudio Controller.
  • Handheld stopped working.
  • Screen and red power light on the pendant is flashing.
  • The machine has power (inside light is on).
This could mean a few things:
  1. Handheld could have a break/bend in wire - Check hand held cable and connection to controller.
  2. Controller is not getting steady +24VDC power - Look at the silver controller box. Find the Green terminal block that has 3 terminals (+24V, GND and 0V) - this is the power. Trace it back to see where it connects; this is the +24V power supply. Make sure everything is connected well on this. Check for a green light on the power supply; it should be bright green, not dim or flashing.
  3. Loose wire in cabinet - Open cabinet and inspect all wire connections.
  4. Check incoming power / fuses / breakers inside.
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